Forte Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer (FTEC) is an Open Access, International peer-reviewed Journal published on behalf of the Forte open Publishers. The journal aims to serve its readers as the single most credible, authoritative resource for disseminating significant clinical oncology research.

The journal’s main focus is on the novel concepts, new methodologies, advanced regimens, novel therapeutic agents and also alternative approaches for early detection and intervention of cancer. EC Cancer journal works with a determination to show an open window of the progress in oncological sciences.


Experimental & Clinical Cancer


  • Forte open international journals that Publish articles on various disciplines of Experimental & Clinical Cancer.
  • Articles will be freely accessible to everyone immediately upon publication
  • Quick review process within 30 days through “Double-blinded peer review” method.
  • Prompt Acknowledgement after acceptance of the article for peer review.
  • Acceptance and Publication of papers with excellence, novelty, and originality.
  • The issue of Publication Certificate to the author.
  • High visibility of your Published work.

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