Forte Forte Journal of Neuroscience and Psychology (FTNP) is an Open Access, International peer-reviewed Journal published on behalf of the Forte open Publishers. The mission of the journal is to bring all relevant and major findings in the field of neurology that includes advances in neurological medicine, various neurological disorders, and their treatment. The journal scope also includes information regarding both surgical and nonsurgical means to treat musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors and congenital disorders

The journal makes a room for information on various neurological conditions or disorders and their management like Alzheimer’s disease, aneurysm, amnesia, aphasia, ataxia, autism, bipolar disorder, brain tumour, Canavan disease, cerebral palsy, Cushing’s syndrome, dementia, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and all the other neurological issues.

Neuroscience and Psychology is the study of how the brain structure and function relate to the psychological processes, especially behavior and cognition. This field of science also aims to identify brain-based disorders associated with memory, personality, cognition, attention, self-awareness, and emotional expression.


Neuroscience & Psychology


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